Singh Engineering Works: A Trusted Name in Mechanical Services

Singh Engineering Works Jul 10, 2024

Since its establishment in 1990, Singh Engineering Works has been a cornerstone in Nepal's mechanical services sector. Specializing in fabrication, erection, and design, the company has built a strong reputation for reliability, quality, and innovation. Over the years, Singh Engineering Works has successfully delivered numerous high-profile projects for both public and private sectors across Nepal.

A Commitment to Quality

Singh Engineering Works prides itself on delivering superior service quality to its clients. With a dedicated team of experienced engineers, technicians, and support staff, the company ensures every project meets stringent quality standards. From initial design phases to final implementation, Singh Engineering Works employs state-of-the-art technology and equipment to guarantee precision and efficiency in all their endeavors.

Experience and Expertise

At Singh Engineering Works, we specialize in a wide range of mechanical and fabrication services that set us apart in the industry:

  • Experience with A-Class Contractors: Trusted by leading contractors across Nepal for our commitment to excellence and timely delivery.
  • International Collaboration: Proud partners with esteemed companies from Japan, Denmark, and Finland, bringing global standards to local projects.
  • Versatile Fabrication Capabilities: From intricate components to large-scale structures, we excel in providing diverse fabrication solutions tailored to meet specific project requirements.
  • Current Projects: Actively contributing to the Indian railway project in Nepal, demonstrating our capability to handle complex and large-scale initiatives.

A Wide Range of Services

Singh Engineering Works caters to diverse sectors such as construction, manufacturing, power generation, transportation, and more. Their adaptable approach and technical expertise allow them to tackle complex projects with confidence and competence. The company offers a comprehensive array of mechanical services tailored to various industries, including:

  • Fabrication: Utilizing advanced techniques and materials to produce high-quality structural components and equipment.
  • Erection: Expertise in on-site installation and assembly, ensuring projects are completed safely and efficiently.
  • Design: Providing innovative and practical design solutions that meet client specifications and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Offering ongoing support and preventive maintenance services to extend the lifespan of equipment and infrastructure.

Notable Projects

Singh Engineering Works has significantly contributed to Nepal's infrastructure through several noteworthy projects, collaborating closely with government agencies and private enterprises. Some of their prominent projects include:

  • Nepal Oil Corporation Limited: Supporting petroleum product storage and distribution with projects in Biratnagar, Pokhara, Thankot, and Amlekhganj.
  • Department of Irrigation: Installed advanced Filter and Retreatment plants to improve water purification processes and support agricultural initiatives.
  • Biratnagar Airport: Constructed critical infrastructure for reliable oil storage, essential for supporting aviation operations.
  • Ferries for Nepal River Transportation Company: Designing and constructing specialized vessels to facilitate transportation across Nepal's waterways.

These projects highlight Singh Engineering Works' versatility and proficiency in addressing critical engineering challenges that contribute to the country's development.


Singh Engineering Works stands out as a premier provider of mechanical services in Nepal, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and sustainability. Whether for large-scale infrastructure projects or specialized industrial needs, Singh Engineering Works remains a trusted partner across the country.