The minimalistic

Minimalistic May 16, 2023

Planning a great app takes a deep mind work being in the background of the coder. The practice sharpens the knowledge to turn. around to explore the practice where there is a gap between human, science and algorithms.

We are in different practice to overcome the happiness and people became a machine to process code from their conscious and sub-conscious mind.

Mind graphs and plots feelings and directs us to react, think and act. Creativity is an important factor to draw, design, sketch etc. This can be user appealing and eye catching practice to follow minimalism which creates magic in mind being classic and crazy.

Keeping a file name as “Sriyog.Com” minimal. The below design has been created using Figma.

Nabin Bhattarai, Isha Sunam and SN Mehta are models of this app. The images are used on their consent to showcase in app. Those three are static information which can be updated only by code at the current stage, later CMS will handle this practice to automate from /feedback page.

The fourth screen is to collect information of first time user which is saved in database upon successful submission. The form is easy to fill as there are only few and easy information of Nepal which can be filtered based on state, district, city and wards.

The first screen displayed above acts as a splash screen for app users while they open app. This banner will be displayed as roadblock ad of app which only displays information of a professional who has Sriyog.Com membership.

Professional should be displayed with his contact number along with more 3 users which spins randomly on any time frame. DropZone location is embedded in any location showing drop zones of Nepal or located nearby.