Sriyog Makes It Easy To Find Your Local Professionals

Biratnagar Apr 1, 2017

Sriyog is a crowd sourcing website that consists of information of people with different skills. The website includes contact information of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, milkmen, bandsmen, gas delivery boys, lawyers, veterinary doctors, beauticians, taxi drivers and so on. It consists of 48 categories and each category contains information of people providing different services. It is a very handy website that aims to create job opportunities by providing a platform for people to connect with professionals.

Pracas Uprety

Pracas Upreti founded the website in 2016 which is currently being operated by Pracas Infosys (of which Pracas is the CEO).

The idea of creating Sriyog popped into his brain when he had to wait for a plumber for several days. Back then, he decided to find another plumber but there was not any platform where he could find the contact information of a plumber. Thus, he decided to solve this problem by creating a place where the professionals can advertise their field of work and the customers can choose the best alternatives among all. As he had his educational background in BIT, Mr. Upreti tried to solve this real-world problem with the help of Information Technology.

Challenges and Future Plans

It has just been a few months for Sriyog but it is already hyped up. As per Pracas Upreti, the website gets around one to four thousand hits per day. He believes that it has been possible only because of his hardworking team.

Pracas Upreti, as well as his team, believe that “Time is money, don’t waste it – be employed.” Thus, they have taken the initiative to eradicate unemployment. They may not have made a huge difference for now but some day they hope to set an example. In order to do so, they have made several plans such as to add more categories and target every nook and corner of Nepal, to develop a location-based mobile application so that customers can reach out to professionals nearby, to provide rating system and to verify the genuine professionals from fake ones.

My Opinion

I found the website valuable but I think there is something that they must work on. They must have a certain procedure to find out if the information they are providing is genuine or not. If the clients get the wrong information then they wouldn’t visit the website again. And it is very hard to gain that trust back. Therefore, I suggest them to work on it. Also, the professionals right now are mostly limited to Biratnagar area, maybe because the site is operated out of Biratnagar. So, the team needs to focus on bringing more users on the website, who are from other cities or places. Besides that, I love their idea and appreciate what they are doing.