Road Safety Awareness Program

Awareness Apr 26, 2024

A road safety awareness program is basically a campaign or initiative to educate people about staying safe while using roads. It teaches things like traffic rules, signs, and safe behaviors to prevent accidents and injuries.

The demand for road safety is more important than ever on the busy streets of Biratnagar. Sanatan Yuba Manch Nepal and PRACAS Infosys collaborated to organize a road safety awareness program after realizing the pressing need for action and awareness.

The purpose of this event was to raise awareness of road safety and to teach a sense of responsibility in those who use the roads.Let's explore this powerful program's main features.

Program Theme:

The central theme of our program was to elevate consciousness regarding road safety. We aimed to educate participants about the importance of safe practices on the road, emphasizing the role each individual plays in ensuring their own safety and the safety of others.

Distinguished Guests:

We were honored to have esteemed guests join us for this program. Swami Nirjanand from the Life Positive Mission graced us with his presence as the chief guest, sharing valuable insights and motivating attendees to prioritize road safety in their daily lives.

Additionally, we were privileged to have Nawraj Dhakal, President of Sanatan Yuba Manch, and Nabin Bhattarai, President of PRACAS Infosys, leading the event with their inspiring words and dedication to the cause.

Special Guests and Contributors:

The presence of social activist Tika Prasad Khatiwada and Traffic Police Officer Manoj Chaudhary from Biratnagar added immense value to our program. Their expertise and experiences provided practical perspectives on the challenges and solutions related to road safety, further enriching the discussions and activities.

Program Highlights:

The program commenced promptly at 9 AM and continued until 10 AM, packed with engaging activities, informative sessions, and interactive discussions. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about road signs, pedestrian safety, responsible driving practices, and the importance of obeying traffic rules.

In conclusion, the Road Safety Awareness Program organized by Sanatan Yuba Manch Nepal and PRACAS Infosys was a resounding success, thanks to the collective efforts of our organizers, esteemed guests, and enthusiastic participants.

By raising awareness and promoting responsible behavior on the roads, we take significant strides towards creating safer communities for everyone. Let's continue to prioritize road safety and make a positive impact on the world around us.