Productive Lockdown

Lockdown Apr 30, 2023

Lockdown became hectic, bored and full of dullness. It’s been a long time that we have been locked physically and mentally. Many students, businessman, entrepreneurs, startup founders, employee of various corporate and office going people are affected due to this. As we all have always seen a bright morning after the dark night, life must have great hope for upcoming days. 

It is always said that health is great wealth. Exactly, health always became the first and foremost thing to take care. Apart from health we need few more essential things to survive, that is knowledge and money. When a person has knowledge, it can be encashed anywhere. A person can never learn everything from the womb, s/he needs to practice, learn, work, take risk and start something always. 

People on few sectors like Information Technology, Business Studies, Entrepreneurs, business owners, brand owners should always be like fire for learning new things and doing something new.  

“Always the fast, furious and catchy.”

Learning few things on Lockdown can be very productive for upcoming future like Microsoft Office Packages, Graphics Designing Tools, Social Media Marketing including Facebook marketing, knowledge of creating business model canvas, lean canvas, Nepali Typing knowledge of paper printing mechanism, knowledge of growth hacking can be hard to learn to become a pro but will make experience soon. Not only a man, but practice makes everyone perfect. Hunger of learning and thirst of working shouldn’t end for everyone. 

Where to learn ?

Youtube is not only always platform to learn, even a 5 minutes of video can have 3 minutes of promotion of channels, where people make these to make their video view timing high, they force to like and subscribe the channel. Most of the videos these days are fully commercialized that it is hard to find the perfect one. It’s better to choose subject or field of interest and subscribe the video and must be pre planned to know the summarizing level of YouTuber. 

Books can be the best alternative to learn new things, that can be in printed format or can be in ebook format, it is also said that “All great leaders are good readers”. Reading ebooks in mobile phone view can effect eye sight, there are more devices for eye friendly, Amazon Kindle can be the best option for the book lover. There are hundred and thousand of book resources online that can be used to read the books. Dummies ( publishes books covering newbie readers in wide ranges of subject where people can learn anything from scratch. (Now part of LinkedIn) is also the best option for learning things, it is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. 

Susan Weinman founded an online software training website with her husband Bruce Heavin which was acquired by professional business networking service LinkedIn in April 2015. offers wide ranges of learning platform to individual, corporate, academic and government subscription which are taught by recognized industry experts.,, Khan Academy,, can be alternative to learn new things. As about the pricing few are paid and others are freemium based models. 

How to learn?

Learning new things not only makes people smart but it is also a good investment on time. This can be very useful upcoming days and learning is art. As Computer/ Laptop is our daily usable needs, every students, business owner, every employee must have knowledge of Microsoft Office. We have been seeing in Bio-Data and employee profile and even in vacancies, operation of Microsoft Office is mentioned most of the all time. 

There are more Office tools similar like Microsoft Office, few are Google Docs, Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Office Online, Kingsoft Office, Apple iWork, WPS Office, Calligra Office, DropBox Paper whose functions are alike Microsoft Office. 

Microsoft Word can be used for making various letters, agreement papers, booklet, certificates and having good knowledge in Microsoft Word can help to make Business Card, Pamphlet, Brochure and many more, they create lesser file sized documents rather than Corel Draw, Indesign etc. 

Microsoft Power Point helps to make presentations. Power Point Presentation can be used anywhere to display plan, roadmap, stories, checklist and can be used for anything similar to it. It can be useful to create Pitch Deck for Startup founders, business owners, project plan makers and others.

Microsoft Excel is a easy tool to create & maintain data. Useful for making calculations, details, information, records and this has been widely used format for exporting any data used by banks, small and medium enterprise. 

Business Model Canvas and its blocks helps investors and everyone easy to understand that what your business actual it. It is like an entire sketch of engine of any business, startup or plan. Business owners, startup founders, co-founders must learn creating and understanding these. 

Nepali Typing is always a great headache for everyone but being a Nepali or doing business in Nepal should have good impact of write letters & documents in Nepali language. There are two options for Nepali Typing where anyone can use traditional model like when you type /fd in any Nepali Font it will became “Ram” in Nepali (Nepali fonts are necessary to install in local computer to view) which is not available in every computer so Unicode can be the best option, when someone writes “Ram” it automatically changes to “राम” which can be learnt in few minutes. 

Graphics Tools like Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDraw, Illustrator helps to create banners, web design, brochure, booklet designing and these are widely used for making magazine, brochures, booklet and supports millions of colors to make any design. Learning entire or everything about Photoshop or InDesign or Corel Draw can take long time but for basic use like creating logos, making social media banner can take few hours to learn and these will lead a good experience to more further. 

Team Work can be a good option for any business, team or group of people who are #WorkfromHome . After COVID-10 effect, tons of tools are in market for team work. It is a great misconception about group video conference, online class and team tools. A team working tool must have function of sharing files, working in collaboration, management of productivity. Microsoft Teams is the best all in one solution for Team Working, Google Meet, Zoom can be the best option for Video Conferencing and for cloud file management, file sharing, working in collaboration tools like DropBox, Mega, YandexDisk, Google Drive can be the best player. Learning these things and working on a managed time can increase the productivity and it will really mean a great team work.