MoU between PRACAS and Sanatan Yuba Manch Nepal

VisitKoshi Apr 23, 2024

Biratnagar/Pracas Infosys, which is working in the field of information and technology, has signed a reform agreement with Sanatan Yuba Manch Nepal on Sunday for two campaigns '#KeepCityClean' and '#VisitKoshi2025'. Both presidents signed the agreement.

Nawraj Dhakal on left & Nabin Bhattarai on right

PRACAS Infosys Pvt Ltd Biratnagar, which has been working in the field of information and technology for 17 years, signed the bilateral agreement on behalf of Chairman Nabin Bhattarai and Sanatan's Navraj Dhakal.

Agreement Paper Between Pracas Infosys and Sanatan Yuba Manch

Sanatan Yuba Manch has served free food for one hundred and two consecutive days at Koshi Zonal Hospital, not only during the Corona period. The organization has been conducting Janata Namuna Mawi Biratnagar reform campaign as well as hospital and market cleaning and blood donation programs.

Pracas Infosys Pvt Ltd has prepared 'Aarogya 365' app to provide services including mobile numbers for direct contact with hospitals, doctors and ambulance drivers in Biratnagar. President Bhattarai claims that patients can bring in health tourists for treatment through the app.

Similarly, with the help of information and technology, Pracas Infosys has said that it will work with a big plan to promote business, industry and product buying and selling, employment promotion, skill learning and foreign migration control. Chairman Bhattarai said that preparations are being made with the aim of starting the official work on Ramnavami day. Under the same campaign, '#VisitKoshi2025' and '#KeepCityClean' are digital campaigns.