PITCH Deck Magic : How to create the best pitch deck?

Pitching Oct 19, 2020

Creating pitch deck is the most essential part of startup growth. Few number of slides helps to build multinational brands from hundreds to billion dollar startup and business has crafted their pitch deck which has helped to scale their business.

Either you are pitching your angel investor or pitching with Accel, Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger Global; everyone judges the startup with their pitch deck. Limitations of time can be brutal pain to manage everything in 3 mins or 5 minutes pitching while covering all topics of important pitch deck.

Venture Capital funds to small, early-stage emerging ideas, business or startups which has extreme scalable future.

It is all about creating magic and choosing right things to investors who not only trusts you but also he can read future of the startup clearly. Major things which are discussed most of the all times are Business Model Canvas, Minimum Viable Products, Business Plan etc. Showing the right pitch deck to right person can be a great investor.

Copying, Pasting or downloading Pitch deck Template will ruin your creativity. Grabbing vision can be great alternative but the same thing and replica of AirBnB won’t attract a person pitching in Sri Lanka. The format must be same with 10/12 slides, problems, market situation, rich graphics, cool colors but photo of Masayoshi Son, story of other similar rocked startup or brand will not fetch investment.

The pitch deck must fit the standard pitching time. The major things should be kept at first and minor things later. Good in graphics, viewable non stylish fonts, mention everything in details, add a short story and avoid long slides, long paragraphs, right animations, no long definitions, easy to understand, no jargon words, no welcome message or speech.

Keeping in the mind :

  • Device Friendly — The pitch deck must fit multiple operating system, version of Windows, Mac or any other targeted devices.
  • Size Friendly : The ratio of projection should be maintained if the deck is going to be presented. The 16:9 format will be the good option for on screen or projection. (if the projector supports rectangle projection)
  • Normal and beautiful fonts (not cursive ) — Fonts must be easy to understand and should be viewed by both of the persons sitting in the first or last.
  • Lightweight in file size — The file size must be easy to download, share by email & should load faster.
  • Don’t forget to save “PowerPoint slideshow file ppsx” if you are in Windows.
  • Clean and clear — More clean and more clear can express the clear vision of the pitch deck.
  • Source the images — Linking or mentioning source can be better option to use copyright photos.
  • File Format — Good to be in .pdf format. Sometimes Powerpoint format or Keynote can work.

Things to include in Pitch Deck

  1. Startup or company information — How it works ?
  2. Team — Behind the brand
  3. Market Research/ Market Problem — What exactly market has a problem that you want to solve ?
  4. Target market and opportunity — Has market gives the opportunity to expand ?
  5. What problems the project is solving? –
  6. The Product / Solution — Describe the product and elaborate that how it will solve ?
  7. How it works ? The process how the startup will work. 3/4/5 figures describing steps or infographics.
  8. Business Model / Revenue Generation
  9. Target Market Area — Show the market
  10. The most important factor which shows where the brand is.
More slides can be created if there is big images or small thing to narrate in a slide. More 4/5 slides can be added.

Other Slide : (Only if it’s really important)

  • Exit strategy : Exit Strategy is known as the point or the time where the investor will take his/her chunk and leave the company. Mostly angel investors are happy to invest as angel investment. Once the business is ready for next series of funding, they exit. This strategy should be mentioned properly to show the way or options to the investors.
  • Demo and screenshots : Demo of product. i.e. Tangible or intangible. Screenshots of products. Android/ iOS links or small animated or screen recorded videos of the products.
  • Investment and use of funds : Projection details of the funds. Mention how the fund will be invested in the project and what will be the profit.

The pitch desk must be easy to understand, specific. Adding slogan helps to understand the vision of your startup in one sentence like “UBER for Part Time Workers”. Not only words but the plans and target must be similar to stand along with the brand company.

Resources :
Create Pitch Deck Online :
SlideBean | PitchDeck.io| Canva | Xtensio | Slidor | Pitch Deck Fire

Famous Pitch Deck : Facebook | UBER | TESLA | Airbnb | YouTube | LinkedIn Series B | Apple | Dropbox | Tinder

Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template : Click Here

Finally the pitch desk must be easy to understand, specific. Adding slogan helps to understand the vision of your startup in one sentence like “UBER for Part Time Workers”. Not only words but the plans and target must be similar to stand along with the brand company.