Dedication for Change

Feb 15, 2023

Ram Prasad Upreti, aged 31 years, has been living in Matidevi in Kathmandu, He is Sriyog.Com professional where he has listed his bio on Sriyog.Com. He is furniture and aluminum professional and he has been working in this field since seven years. He says "My father had a dream of becoming a doctor," he recalled of the past, "Because he wanted to become an engineer, so he studied.

He says that it took a lot of money to study a doctor or an engineer, his financial situation was not strong enough but he did it through science with the intention of studying as an engineer but said he could not get as much success as he thought. He passed the 11th grade well, but in the 12th grade, he had back papers, then he withdrew his desire to study and he went back to work.

His father was professionally involved in furniture work. He too awakened his desire to work, took some time to continue his father's work, time changed, his father's thinking began to get old. Then he says that he plans to work in a new way and move on with his business thinking. “He started furniture and aluminum work, thinking that he was learning from the beginning.

He also explains that business is gaining momentum as business gradually gains momentum. He used to work continuously at one and two times. He shares his experience of working collaboratively with friends and says, "either a person learns by reading or by learning.”In the beginning, it was difficult to get a job. At that time, he was working at a low cost, gradually getting regular work and then accordingly he took the cost of labor."

There was no recognition at first, gradually all the acquaintances and acquaintances started to call for work on mobile phones. He also mentions that it is the right use of time to increase the quantity of work done. They have made themselves aware of everything, so that they do not get a chance to complain. Doing so will also make the customer feel satisfied with what he or she has done, not only mention the experience of working at a lower price than the market value or end product.