16-60 Theory : Design your best life

Career Sep 5, 2019

“Life is all about how you lead life; not only yours but others too. “

We have always seen that fish mostly lie in two places, i.e., the river and the aquarium. A fish living in an aquarium has regular food, a well-maintained artificial temperature, adequate light, and a fancy place where another fish lives in a river. They can freely move anywhere, search for food, and have freedom and risk too. The same thing goes for a human life; when the life is not designed properly, someone who is an electronics engineer will start selling vegetables on the road to prove his passion and become a great example, so it is necessary to plan, sketch, design, and build the life from an early stage. 

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. -Confucius 

What is life exactly about? It is all about being rich or being successful, and most people choose both, which means "money and success" are very difficult to achieve. It is like keeping two feet in two boats. One can be Bill Gates, and another can be Gautam Buddha. This is what life will teach you to do. 

Money can’t buy happiness and happiness can’t buy a Ferrari. { Prakash Upreti}

Success has no shortcut. A man needs decades to become a famous painter; a man needs enough skills to become Araniko; Pasang Lhamu Sherpa didn’t climb Mount Everest in her first day of life or in a single day; and more. There are lots of hidden dedication, pain, plans, and visions to become Anuradha Koirala. These are examples of a few precious people who are rare species.

Understanding easily

It is very difficult for parents to guide their children about their future, and it is more difficult for the student to decide where and how to lead their life. 16–60 theory describes how to choose the perfect way to live a happy life, whether it is a job, business, or startup. The plan must be managed properly to achieve success. The theory of 16–60 has been defined in such a way that it designs the lives of everyone, whether he or she is a student or a parent who is worried about their child's future, and on the other hand, the student is panicking about his career and life by listening to multiple suggestions. 

The major problems in underdeveloped countries are foreign migrants, students leaving home countries to make their better lives, old types of non-technical study, brain drain, people not returning to home countries, and not enough opportunities for returnee migrants. 

Most of the students, parents, and sometimes a career counselor are confused or in a dilemma how they can show their child the right career path, students, and someone who wants to make his or her life great. It is all about choosing the right subject, the right course, and the right decision at the right time. The subject that has great demand at present may not have good demand after 10–15 years. Chetan Maini founded Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) {Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited, formerly known as the Reva Electric Car Company} in 1994, which started it's production since then with lots of hassles and problems and now has great value and demand. Tesla is a great example of electric cars, which oversold Mercedes. It is all about the first runner and the fast runner. To become successful in everything, time and demand must be in the same ratio so it can have an impact on the mind and society as to how they are taking the product. Success has a certain timeframe. Once it reaches the height, it has to run horizontally or scale.

"It is very hard to plan a life which may or may not fruitful in coming years or coming career path."

The “How to Become Rich?” books certainly never make a person rich instantly.

The rule of 16–60, which has been defined in such a way that it designs the lives of everyone, whether he or she is a student or a parent who is worried about their child's future, and on the other hand, the student is panicking about his career and life. This confusion comes in the conscious and sometimes subconscious mind, where anyone figures as a successful person and wants to follow his or her path. Following a successful person is a good thing, but it may not have a good future for someone’s future after 10–15 years. The struggle, plan, pains, and other major factors that directly impact someone’s life are quite different depending on the country, zone, area, and subject that someone chooses. 

Let's assume a boy was born in 2000 AD. His journey starts, and he completes his SEE (10th grade examination in Nepal—formerly SLC) in 2016. Now the real story begins about the 16–60 theory. This has been classified into 7 categories, i.e., childhood (till class ten): 3–16 years of age; plus two (K12): 16–18; bachelor's degree (18–22), where someone can finish his or her graduation; Experience 22–25, either a master's degree or any job experience, career growth (25–40), Sell your experience (40–60), and after that, someone can do social service, roam the whole world, or live life happily.

Money wipes away almost all tears. { Prakash Upreti }

If he/she chooses any subject in 2016 for plus two and completes it in 2018, in the two years of his/her educational journey, he/she finishes plus two. This must be selected wisely. The same plus two will guide him in his bachelor degree, which is from 2018 to 2022. In 4 years, he will complete his graduation, and from 2022 to 2025, he will either do a job or start any business, join the Masters, or start a startup. The next 3 years (22-25) will be his or her warm-up period, where they will learn how to lead life, what things will boom in the future, and moreover, all about money, income, a happy life, and success. 

 Vision of 16-60 Theory:

This must be calculated in 2016–2018; the student and parents must know and study 16–60 theory, which has been defined below and is affected by a few terms. 

  • Where is the student going to stay or work, i.e., in Nepal (or any birth country) or abroad? If he is returning to Nepal after completing his or her studies, then there will be a scope between 25 and 40 years of age for that study, or if he or she wishes to start a career abroad, then it is necessary to know whether that study or course will lead to a happier and more joyful life.
  • What is his deep interest? Everything must come from the deepest core of the heart. If someone wants to play the flute, then the passion must grow from the same core of the heart. It is always necessary to be happy with the job you are doing. If someone is sad, then their life will be sad.
  • Which subject, business, venture, or product will be in high demand in the location country at 25–40 years of age?? The timeframe of 25–40 is always an energetic time. A student can flourish in life easily by making the right decisions. It is all about market studies, social opportunities, projection reports, and data.
  • Backup plan or any alternative: Focusing on one thing leads to a successful life, but it is good to have backup plans and alternatives.

If he is going to stay in Nepal (his home country), then it is necessary to know which will be the best thing to study for a bachelor.

  • Either the subject will boom the market or What will the competition be ?
  • Will the job pay enough, or will the business that has been started grow or not as compared to other professions ?

Plan your future:

When planning your future, you must be focused on your studies, especially after 10th grade. If the parents have brainwashed or guided any child since their early stage, then they can manage them to study as they want, like some parents have dreamed of making their child a doctor, but not in every case this happens. It is purely the choice of the student; either he wants to choose the subject himself, he is forced to choose, or he is waiting for his friend’s approval.

It is necessary to become THE TALENT rather than a weak one.


Jack of all trades and even master in many things, which makes life very good. It is necessary for every businessman or entrepreneur to know basic accounting, marketing, IT, and other major subjects. A career or professional future is always about talent. A person who can play the flute very well can also have a great future, but it is necessary to know who will be the listener—a local person of his community or a president of the USA? No matter if he or she chooses any subject, he or she must be an expert, so his or her name should be a synonym for the work he or she does. 

Education matters a lot, but it is not a key point to driving life well. The major thing is to accomplish the right goal in life at the right time. All the famous startups or brands were small ideas in their previous days, but they succeeded! It is all about doing the right thing at the right time. A few famous people to know are Anuradha Koirala, Pashang Lamhu Sherpa, Zakir Hussain, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Life must have a plan to overcome all the problems and pains, and it must have a proper plan, which is listed below. Now coming to the main scenario, if a person starts his career (not late in the 23rd of his or her age), somehow we say 25th, he works, runs a business till his or her 40, the experience in the same field will be 15 running years; if he or she works by heart, then the experience could count as 30 years (virtually). 

The 15 years of running experience are enough to turn any stone into a gem; the research, dedication, hard work, sweat, and blood make anyone very perfect in their field. The 15 years of working experience will start the journey of 40–60; this will make him a talent, and those 15 years will give him more opportunities, customers, ideas, innovation, social networks, a good team player, and more. Life doesn't end at 60; now society waits for you. You can be an investor, a seed funder, or part of any social organization and lead a very better life. 

Brainwashing your child 

Know your children; take him to any child store; see his interest; no matter if he is interested in guns, cars, or bikes, let him explore himself; he can be an army officer, a mechanical engineer, or anything else; or better, judge him/her towards his/her interest. It is not necessary to push him or her against their interests, but every parent must know two things.

  1. Talent always has a great price.
  2. The right time, the right place, and the right innovation pay a great price. 

Higher competition has less scope. A parent spends (invests) millions of rupees for their child to study and complete the course. After completing the course, the student is forced to get paid only Rs 25,000 (nearly USD 250) monthly in Nepal. Recent news about a famous food delivery boy from India: ” Shiva, who completed his B.Tech degree about 2 years ago, decided to work for Swiggy about a year ago, since he was not able to find himself a well-paying job. The 25-year-old usually spends eight hours on average every day and makes close to ₹ 25,000 a month”. 

Career in 2025-2040: Success is never compared with your bank balance:

Life is all about happiness. The one who knows the money is a piece of paper can simply win life. It is all about happiness. A man should be controlled by his mind not mind is controlled by money. The one who runs for money can obviously run very fast, but in the same way, he loses many things, like family, friends, society, and happiness, far behind.


The period to encash the experience gained during the age of 2025 to 2040, which is 15 years of full-time, can lead and manage the best life. The socio-professional network that was maintained will enhance reworking in 2040–2060.

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